What We Accept

Find out what you can dispose of under our scrap metal recycling guidelines

metal recycling services walden ny

Drop-Off Services

You can bring your ferrous or non-ferrous scrap metal to our site.

Drop-Off Services

Roll-Off Containers

We can drop off a dumpster on your property for metal disposal and collect it.

roll off container services walden ny


See our fleet and some items that we've recycled.

scrap metal recycling walden ny

Dispose of Unneeded
and Unwanted Metal

Bring it to our metal recycling company based in Walden, NY right away

When you have scrap metal, how do you get rid of it so that it doesn't go to waste? You give it to a metal recycling company that'll pay you for it. People who know where to recycle metal efficiently in the Orange County, NY area choose ASAP Scrap Recycling for their scrap metal recycling needs.

You can come to our locally owned and operated business to:

Drop off a wide range of scrap metal at our clean worksite
Experience friendly customer service
Get paid a fair price for your metal

We always compensate our recyclers fairly, so you don't have to worry about missing out on money when you work with us. Call 845-275-3331 today to find out what you can get paid for your metal.

What we accept | Drop-off services | Roll-off containers

3 simple steps to follow when you get metal recycled

If you haven't recycled metal before, don't stress. You just need to know where to recycle your items and follow this easy process:

  1. Drop off your metal or arrange for us to collect it.You can bring your scrap metal to us in your own vehicle or schedule our roll-off container services.
  2. Get your metal weighed. If you're transporting your metal to us, we'll weigh your vehicle before and after unloading the metal to determine the metal's weight. If we're picking up a roll-off container, we'll weigh it.
  3. Get paid. Our metal recycling company will pay for your metal by the pound. To find out about our prices in advance, you can call or email our team. There's no obligation when you ask us about prices.

Recycling Benefits the Environment and Your Wallet

Our company will pay for your scrap metal on the spot